Corning’s FluoroBlok cell culture nesting provides a dynamic platform for the study of angiogenesis, tumor cell biology, cell imaging and co-culture model system. FluoroBlok nesting provides a unique fluorescent screen film, and speeds up the quantitative analysis of cell’s migration and invasion.

1. Shield PET film with unique fluorescent processed by patent black dye. Shading film can effectively block 400-700nm light;
2. There are two apertures(3.0um and 8.0um) available;
3. From a single culture chamber to 96-well plates;
4. Quantitative analysis of fluorescence detection, which is suitable for both cells before and after fluorescent labeling;
5. Suitable for in-situ analysis: in the process of dynamic experiment, the same hole can be read more than one times for fluorescence to enlarge data volume;
6. Corporately use with cell chamber coating with Corning’s Matrigel basement membrane and optimized detection system to improve the experiment’s repeatability;
7. Increase production yield and experimental flux;
8. Do not need opening to clean and manually cell counting;
9. Reduce operation steps: only need to add the cells, label, and count.
Product information:
Catalog # Description Product Size NumberBox
351152 FLUOROBLOK Transwell(24 holes, 8mm) 40/Box 1
354216 CALCEIN AM Fluorochrome 10×50mg 1
354234 MATRIGEL MATRIX 10ml 1