Our company helps customers to achieve the genetic modification (gm) and detection of endogenous gene copy number for arabidopsis, soybean, boehmeria nivea, corn, tobacco, cotton, paddy, wheat, and rapeseed. We have published high-level papers. Probe is labeled by DIG (digoxin), with the advantages of low noise, high sensitivity, and without radioactive pollution. Experiment process retains the original data and materials, so that the experiment has the repeatability and authentic data. We use the advanced automatic chemiluminescence imaging monitoring system, to obtain the optimal SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio) images. We can offer customers the high quality experimental results. 

Service content:
Services Details Price Period
Genomic DNA extraction Obtaining high-purity genomic DNA ¥200/Sample 2 weeks
DNA probe design and synthesis Primer design, synthesis and verification ¥300/Gene 1-2 weeks
Probe DIG label and southern blot Labeling one probe, hybridization of one membrane (1-10 samples on one membrane) ¥300/Gene 3-4 weeks